Saturday, August 01, 2015

Flying Trapeze - GoPro Chesty Mount

I bought a new Chesty Mount for my GoPro so I could shoot video from the POV of a Catcher during the Trapeze Classes. The first time I wore it, it mostly filmed up into my nostrils. The video below of a Knee Hang Catch was my first attempt with the corrected camera angle. The Catch Bar had just been re-taped so I had to fight through the sticky tape pulling my tights down as I dropped into my Catch Lock. The flyer was grabby but I still managed to find his wrists. I found the best camera angle is with the GoPro upside down in the chest mount with the lens tilted down from horizontal about 45 degrees.

Update: 8/9/15

Here is a POV video of my catch of Celeste's Half Time Hocks this Saturday. I forgot to charge the GoPro so it died right after this first catch.

On Sunday, I flew for fun for the first time in several months, taking my Splits out of lines again and performing my best Planche so far. Here are the videos with the GoPro camera mounted high up on the Catch Crane.

Next, I want to learn the Half Time Straight Jump or Suicide.

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