Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fun at the AcroYoga Jam

For the first time at today's AcroYoga Jam at Aerial Revolution, I based the entire time without a folded towel under my hips to compensate for my tight hamstrings. I still have a noticeable bend in my knees, but I hope I can achieve straight legs soon so I can stack my bones to support the flyer instead of muscling it the entire time.

Tori and I have been practicing the Form 2 poses we started learning in our AcroYoga class before I got hurt. We pretty much have them all down now except for the One Legged Bird Pops. They are pretty pathetic at the moment. During today's Jam, Tori and I pulled off our first tough transition from Form 3 with the Back Plank to Star.

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