Friday, July 14, 2006

Sunset Surfing at Beacons Beach

With the heat wave we are having here in Southern California, it is nice to be able to go surfing after work. When I went out on Wednesday, I took a waterproof camera with me to take a couple of shots of what it is like outside in the lineup.

Noah Unsworth surfing at Beacons Beach
Like always, sitting outside waiting for your next wave is really peaceful and relaxing (unless the waves are huge).

Popping over the lip of a wave at Beacons Beach
The next best thing to actually riding a wave for me, is popping over or through the lip of a wave when you are paddling out.

The view north while surfing at Beacons Beach
The water is so warm right now. It is in the 70s, just perfect.

Sunset while surfing at Beacons Beach
The best place in my opinion to watch a sunset is in the ocean, sitting on a surfboard.

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