Sunday, July 24, 2016

AcroYoga - Form 2 (Intermediate Postures)

Tori and I were in the middle of learning Form 2 in AcroYoga class last year when I injured my Hip Flexor. (Most likely from catching Flying Trapeze than from AcroYoga.) As I slowly recovered we have returned to working on the form's series of intermediate poses and transitions. Now that I am healed, I wish Rachel and Jackie were still teaching at Aerial Revolution so we could return to class for our Form 2 Demonstration and to start learning the next one from them.

Form 2 Postures:

Star Mount

Vash Mount (left/right)

Shin Mount

Tuck Sit

Free Bird Mount
Shoulder Stand B (10 sec.)

Cartwheel to Straddle Bat
Barrel Roll (x3)

One Legged Bird Pops (x3)

Bird Pop to Straddle Throne

Mermaid (left/right)

Straddle Throne Pop to Bird

Below is the time lapse video of us performing the complete Form 2:

Update: 4/29/17

We finally got to demonstrate Form 2. Nathan asked us to assist with his Friday night AcroYoga class at Aerial Revolution and we ended up demonstrating Forms 1 and 2 for the students.

Link to Form 1 Post

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