Sunday, June 11, 2017

AcroYoga - Form 3
(Basic Transitions and Balances)

It's taken awhile but Tori and I finally completed AcroYoga Form 3 we started learning in Jack and Rachel's class at Aerial Revolution. We have been practicing all the individual sections for awhile now but today we put it all together during the jam at Swami's Beach Park. For us, the hardest part of Form 3 was transitioning the "Side Stars" back and forth to each leg without the use of my hands to support the flyer.

Form 3 (Basic Transitions and Balances)

Swami's Beach - AcroJam in the Park

Courtesy - Flyer helps lower Base to the Ground

Back Plank to Navasana (3 seconds)

Back Plank to Star

Free Star (10 seconds) and return to Back Plank

Low Foot to Hand (10 seconds)

Spider Roll (x3) - Reverse Throne to Star to Straddle Bat Transitions

Helicopter (x3) with Cannon Ball Dismount

Free Bird Mount

Side Star (x3) - So Tough!

Side Star to High Flying Whale with Back Walkover Dismount

Courtesy - Tori helping me back up to Standing

Here is the time lapse video of the entire Form 3 sequence while wearing the GoPro camera on my chest.

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