Monday, March 22, 2021

Oculus Quest Virtual Reality (Supernatural VR Fitness and The Climb 2)

Kenny brought over his new Oculus Quest 2, the virtual reality headset from Facebook. I have only tried a couple other headsets but this is the best experience with VR that I have experienced. Not only was it self-contained with no need to connect to a pc or console, but it was comfortable to wear and it didn't tire out my eyes as quickly as the last one I tried. While Kenny says he has experienced motion sickness a few times, it was no problem for me. I think that is probably more dependent on the type of game being played.

We all tried Supernatural VR Fitness, the subscription-based rhythm game where you try to hit the flying targets while ducking and dodging obstacles. It is a fun and quite a workout! I was breathing hard and sweaty after my first song. I can see this being addictive. The best thing is that I didn't feel dizzy afterwards at all. The biggest danger is losing control of the two hand remotes and throwing them across the room. I did hit myself in the head once while dancing to the music. Ha!

My favorite game was The Climb 2 but I would not recommend playing it if you have a fear of heights! It was very cool to rock climb while dangling off the side of a towering cliff face. I tried falling or jumping to catch another rock handhold and I felt the definite thrills of excitement from being so high off the ground that can't be duplicated with regular games.

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