Sunday, May 17, 2020

AcroYoga - Base View Photography

I have always enjoyed the Base View angle with AcroYoga photos since it mimics what I see from below. Here are some photos of Tori and I playing around with different poses in the park, starting with variations of Straddle Bat.

Tori and I are very comfortable in Croc pose but it is much harder to balance when I need to switch focus to take a photo with the iPhone in my hands. The first two are of regular Croc on my inside legs and the third is Funky Croc in the outside position. The pose really popped when I rotated the photo.

Taking the photos with the fill flash really helped against the back light from the sun. This is a silly pose that I call Sideways Bird since I don't know it's true name.

The Jacaranda Trees in the neighborhood were in full bloom with their gorgeous purple flowers so we decided to take some more Base View photos underneath one of them. We started out with Bird, Straddle Throne and Side Star poses.

Here is a funny sequence of photos as Tori tried to recover her sunglasses as she jumped up into Reverse Star. In the third, I am helping adjust her glasses with my finger. 

These two Mono Reverse Stars with Tori balancing on each leg were shot automatically with the GoPro at my side. It takes a lot of concentration to hold this pose so I didn't feel confident trying to take the photos holding my iPhone at the same time.

We don't know the name of this modified Side Star but I included a video below showing how we got into the pose.

We went to the park atop the cliff at Swami's Beach and took a few more Base View photos beneath the tiki head carved from an old tree. The name of the art piece is called Easter Island Head II and was carved by Tim Richards in 2018.  He carved the smaller one in the background of the first picture in 2011. 

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