Sunday, May 31, 2020

AcroYoga - Naked Biglemoi Washing Machine

On Saturday, Tori and I were finally successful with the Naked Biglemoi washing machine. Created by Jacob Brown and Debbie Collis, it combines the Naked Singularity, Rotisserie and Big Lemoi washing machines. After practicing rotating three times in the same direction on each side, we combined both sides sides together to complete the symmetrical pattern seen in the video below. You can see that we almost lost it in the middle of the third rotation, but we saved it! Ha!

Tori and I practicing the Naked Biglemoi washing machine at the park atop the cliff at Swami's Beach. The name of the tiki head art piece behind us is Easter Island Head II and was carved from an old tree by Tim Richards in 2018. 

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