Friday, May 15, 2020

Air Force Thunderbirds (San Diego Flyover Salute)

Starting at noon on Friday, the Air Force Thunderbirds flew across San Diego in a Flyover Salute for the hospitals and first responders in the area. Even with my zoom lens, the Delta Formation of F-16 Fighting Falcons looked tiny flying over the nearby farmland. I was on the roof of my office as they sped past and circled Mount Calavera in the distance before returning to follow the ridge-line across the valley and head out towards Escondido. There was also a two-seater F-16 following the six other fighter jets in their Delta Formation. They were loud!

While I was on the roof taking photos of the flyover, I also took this picture of a tractor plowing the fields below. I am glad there is still some farmland left in Carlsbad.

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