Thursday, July 06, 1995

Europe Trip - Rhein River, Germany

Greg and I met a nice Swiss girl named Muriel Fiechter on the train to Germany. We talked for a long time and she asked for our addresses because she wants to write us when we get back home. (Update: We ended up writing back and forth for about two years. She was very cool and she sent me lots of Swiss Chocolate.)

Noah in front of Mainz column
We got into Mainz, Germany around 10pm last night, too late to change our money into Deutsche Marks so we hopped a night train to Nurnburg and back. In Nurnburg we made a quick call to our friend, Scott, back in California. I think we woke him up at a bad hour. He was pretty grumpy. Heh!

Greg waiting for riverboat departure
We arrived back in Mainz around 7:30 this morning. The German girl at the tourist information office was the prettiest girl I have seen on this entire trip so far. Whoa! At 10am we took a trip down the Rhein River on a boat. I was relaxing on the sundeck working on my tan and checking out the castle ruins on the way.

Our Castle Hostel in Bacharach
We got off at a small river-town called Bacharach where we are staying for the night. The hostel is in a small 12th century castle up on the hill, Burg Stahleck. Great view of the river, but it was a very tiring hike to get up to it with our heavy packs. We took a short nap to catch up on sleep because we didn't get much on the train last night.

Noah and Greg with view of Rhein River from castle hostel
We just went and explored the little town. It is pretty quaint, filled with small shops and surrounded by vineyards. We bought some pretzels and I smoked my very first cigarette. Bleah! Everywhere we have been in Europe, we frequently get asked if we have any cigarettes. I recently bought a pack of Marlboro's so I don't have to keep saying no. Now that I have them, no one has asked for any. Heh!

Noah smoking first cigarette
Tomorrow we take the boat further north up the river to Koblenz, where we get a train to Amsterdam.

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